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Streaming Commericals

Deliver your message to potential consumers and

maximize your exposure through streaming TV

Effectv video ecosystem 2022 (1).png
Effectv video ecosystem 2022.png

Delivery Across
Platforms & Devices

Run your Streaming Commercial Campaigns across various platforms including VOD, OTT, and ‘TV Everywhere’ Apps and Sites. These campaigns also will deliver within your geography across devices, from the set-top box to Connected TV, plus Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.

Effectv Streaming Networlks 2022.png

Have Your Brand Seen

You Choose Your Budget!
...but here is an example...

$250 will get you 7,810 Streaming Commercials!

Your Streaming Commercial Campaigns will run across various devices including Roku, Pluto, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung TV plus, Vizio TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and nearly all major network apps!

Effectv Streaming Networlks 2022.png

Reach & Scale

Your campaigns can reach people streaming premium video content within selected geography  – even those with cable services and those without cable services.

100% viewable, non-skippable impressions delivered in a brand-safe environment.

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